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New Books/Нови Книги

The Black Sea Upanishad
2022, 270pp.
ISBN 9786199133361
Clothbound hardback
BGN 39.90

Everything you should've known, everything you will need to know about the black sea—here,  in a single volume containing creation myths, sacred rites, descriptions, everyday dialogues, ontological quandaries, testimonies by cats, autobiographical material, 50 original photographs.

"From the time I could crawl along the beach, I've been fascinated by the Black Sea, its colors, its citizens, its changing and unchanging presence. Herodotus claimed the Black Sea is the most marvelous of all seas.  And yet, even as a child, I knew that there was something beyond the bluegreen transparency and the hypnotic poetry of the waves. The Black Sea Upanishad maps the line between self and sea and asks what happens when this line fades and is washed away into the unredeemable waters."    
Songs for the Dust
2021, 146pp.
ISBN 9786199133347
Soft cover BGN 14.90

A book-length poem, a novel in verse.

Необичани играчки
Ива Сашева
Там, където е невидимо за очите се таят историите на необичаните играчки. Можем ли да останем същите, когато погледнем отвъд очевидното и наистина ли играчките остават завинаги само играчки.
Брой страници 32
ISBN 9786199 133309

Цена: 15.90лв.

Язовецът и самотният дъб
Ива Сашева
За един язовец, за един самотен дъб, за една любопитна сврака, за загубването и за намирането.
Брой страници 32
ISBN 9786199 052891

Цена: 15.90лв.

Краят на света 
Брой страници 465
ISBN 9786199133354
Цена 14.90лв.
Краят на света (роман) и Боклукът (сборник разкази)
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