Nikolai Grozni/Николай Грозни

Роден е в София. Музикалното си образование получава в националното училище „Любомир Пипков“ и колежа „Бъркли“ в Бостън, а литературното – в Университета „Браун“ в САЩ. Прекарва четири години като монах в Дарамсала – седалището на Далай Лама в Индия, където изучава будизъм и тибетски език.

През 2008 г. в САЩ публикува мемоари за живота си в Индия, а през есента на 2011 г. в САЩ излиза и романът му „Вундеркинд“, който по-късно е преведен и издаден и в Европа. Произведения на Грозни са печатани в "Харпърс", „Ню Йорк Таймс“, „Гардиън“ и „Сиатъл Ревю“.

Songs for the Dust
2021, 146pp.
ISBN 9786199133347
Soft cover BGN 14

A book-length poem, a novel in verse.

2020, 92pp.
ISBN 9786199133330
Hard cover BGN 14.50
Soft cover BGN 10

Flower, tree, worm, seagull, moth, woman waking from a coma: the protagonists in Nikolai Grozni’s poetry collection Heliotropes come to terms with change, loss of identity, and mortality, while searching for a hidden sun.    

ISBN 9786199052822
Price: BGN 10 | Цена: 10лв.

Nikolai Grozni, the protagonist of Claustrophobias, is beset by visions from his years as a Buddhist monk in India and his travails as an ex-monk returning to a so-called "normal" life in the West. His struggle to reconstruct the precise setting and facts of key events from his past in India, France, Bulgaria, Italy and the US, transforms into a Kafkaesque comedy of errors where the facts most resistant to verification are often the very elements that make up Nikolai's identity: his date of birth, his name, his age, and his reality in time and space. Each of the fifteen adventures is marked by a sense of ontological entrapment and identity loss--hence the common theme, claustrophobia. Nikolai is accompanied throughout by a cast of quirky characters who dabble in miracles and are always ready to engage in epistemological debates from the Indian tradition. A Cleveland Ifa priest stuffs people into Coca Cola bottles, a New Delhi bookseller sells Sanskrit manuals for constructing Vedic spaceships, a municipal clerk in Sofia deconstructs reality and disappears in the middle of the street.

Брой страници 328
ISBN 9786199052815
Цена 10лв.

15 истории - жизнеутвърждаващи и напълно автентични "Клаустрофобии" от Италия, Франция, България, Индия, Америка и Луната

Farewell, Monsieur Gaston 
Hardcover – 2014

ISBN 9786191524129

Price: 23lv. | Цена: 23лв.

Farewell, Monsieur Gaston is a Dionysian mystery in which every character is also an actor, and each actor is a guest from another, hidden play, where all paths are circular and appearances are but a ruse by a primordial trickster-demiurge. Set up as an Athenian tragedy complete with a skene, a chorus leader, a chorus of manic bacchants, and an audience, the novel uncloaks a sunless, grotesquely violent realm and tracks the journey of an ill-fated Hero robbed of his most prized possession: his self.

Николай Грозни и Ива Сашева
Брой страници 36
ISBN 9786199 052860

​Цена: 14лв.

Of Books and Long Tails
Nikolai Grozni/Iva Sasheva
Eloise, a curious mouse, and Percival, a shellshocked rat, live  in a bookstore on Chicago's North Side. The books keep them company but also prevent them from forming meaningful friendships. In the end they must choose between fantasy and reality.
40 pages
ISBN 9786199 052884

Price: 20lv. | Цена: 20лв.

"Вундеркинд", "Крака на костенурка", "Жития на безделници и пропаднали мистици", "Някой омагьоса битието" и "Да подремнеш в скута на Голямата Еднаквост" не са налични на този сайт.